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What rules should I follow when submitting?

  • Include a title page (page one) with article title, author, position, organization, and contact email
  • Include an abstract with keywords (page two)
  • All submissions should be double-spaced in a WORD document
  • All pages should be numbered
  • Use 1-inch margins
  • Use Times New Roman
  • Include a reference page
  • Follow APA format (6th edition)
  • We have no preference with footnotes and endnotes
  • Authors bear full responsibility for the accuracy of citations, quotations, figures, and facts.

How do I submit something that I want considered for publication?

Send your manuscript, after you have checked it carefully, as an attachment to an email, to:

Do not paste your submission into the body of an email, send it via a Google Doc, or request a fax number for submission.  We will verify that we have received your submission within 48 hours. 

What happens after I submit something to be considered for publication?

If your submission makes it through our blind reviews and is accepted for publication, you will be made aware.  You will have the opportunity to accept our offer and then complete and submit the required paperwork.  If your submission is not accepted, we will also advise you.  If we suggest or require edits, we will also communicate that with all authors. 

Contact the Journal

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